I’ve lived in Toronto for about three weeks now. Someone asked me today if the city has welcomed me, if I like it so far.

My answer is basically… maybe?

On about the second or third day here, the rowing season started. That means that almost without exception, I’ve been on a steady schedule of waking up at 4:30 AM every day, which forces a bedtime around 8 PM. By the time you add in the time I spend at school, pretty much all I can say I’ve seen of Toronto has been the Astrophysics department, the boat club, and a few restaurants we’ve gone to for lunch.

Today and tomorrow are the first real days off I’ve had since that first rowing practice at the beginning of the month. Since I’ve not yet developed a social life in this town, tonight I went to get groceries, and discovered that I actually live in a very happening little neighbourhood. It actually reminded me a lot of St-Laurent, or St-Denis, although more compact. There were lots of people walking around, all the restaurant patios were filled, and even the little ice cream shop next door had a crowd out front. You miss these things when your bedtime is on par with your average 12 year old.

All of this has been just around the corner and I never even knew it! I wonder if it’ll still be there in November.

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