One thing that I’ve noticed where I’m working now is that, when a building doesn’t have any proper walls, insects tend to get free reign of the place. Little lizards too, in fact, but for now I’m interested in the insects. Frankly as long as it’s not leopards, I’m happy.

In the dinning hall there’s a simple bug-zapper, and on this zapper, in big strong letters is, presumably, the brand: PEST-O-FLASH.

Immediately in my head I removed the first hyphen and pictured The Pesto-Flash, some kind of superhero who derives his super powers from Italian sauces.

Scratch that! A supervillain, who’s modus operandi is to use his super speed powers to add pesto to everybody’s food before they have a chance to eat it. For what purpose he might do this we can only guess, and would not doubt be one of the mysteries which keep us entertained. Perhaps it is to make everybody realise how great pesto is, driving up demand, this ensuring huge profits for pesto importers, of which he is naturally an investor. Or maybe his goal is to ruin everybody’s appetite from eating so much pesto, nothing but pesto, and helpless to avoid the pesto, that the world plunges into famine, until he (under a different guise, of course) is hailed as a hero for devising a way to eat without The Pesto-Flash tarnishing their foodstuffs, by which he becomes famous and wealthy and loved by all.

In any case, no doubt his arch nemesis (our hero) would be The Kelvinator, who would combat The Pesto-Flash by freezing his basil based weapons, ruining their flavour and rendering him completely impotent.

This is what two weeks of a vegetarian diet does to a person—they start imagining elaborate ways to rid the world of evil plant foods.

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  1. David says:

    Geckos eat a lot of the bugs, so you can’t help but just deal with them..

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