As it turns out, today is pancake day. The closest thing I’m getting
to pancakes today is chapati.

I’m current far away from home in Toronto, working a research project
which requires juggling about a dozen different lines of thought at
once. Everything is time critical and every job conflicts with others
fighting for scarce resources. I didn’t realize over 50 terabytes of
disk space still counted as scarce, but 90 hours of observing a pulsar
with a half-second period builds up.

Of course since everything work related requires so much attention and
juggling and delegating, I’ve been toying with this blog in the
background. There are at least three improvements I’ve made, all for
the hell of it and none of it appreciated by anybody but me I’m sure.
But really, why else would I be doing this if not to entertain myself.
I’m posting this by email right now! Wheeee!

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