Are Pringles potato chip cans getting smaller?

One of these cans is not like the other

I typically only buy junk food like this when it goes on sale, and now I can’t help but wonder if the Pringles I bought last week, on the left, were only on sale because there was 23 grams worth of chips missing. The can on the right, which I bought at least a few weeks ago, weighs in at 163g—almost a full serving’s worth more, according to the nutritional info.

There must be more to the story, though, since just yesterday I bought another can of a new flavour I hadn’t seen before, and I’m just now noticing that it can in the 163g format as well.

Maybe this short can was destined for a different market, where people are more conservative about their chip eating quantities. Or maybe it’s like the 600 to 591 mL switcheroo in the soda pop biz. I want those 9mL back, by the way!

Actually, all I really want is for them to bring back the cheddar flavour. And no, “four cheese” is not just as good, unless you think vomit tastes like cheddar.

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