This website has always been my own personal little plaything, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I’ve had fun programming little gadgets and gizmos, adding fun features and tweaking other ones. I had built it up a lot… but it got to a point where it all seemed a bit like cruft.

I had fun hacking together various parts of this site, but it made it very difficult to keep current. This was especially true when it came to moving more and more content to WordPress. I customized so much with my theme and various plugins that it became impossible to keep up to date. WordPress upgrades itself automatically quite wonderfully, but it doesn’t upgrade all my code. I began to get worried that my hacks would start to break as WordPress changed.

And besides all that, I was wondering what the point of it all was. Nobody comes to this site and browses around, so all the navigation tools and indices of content and whatnot were useless. I had things promoting content on other parts of the site. All this stuff is useless. When people come here, they typically do it for one article they found from Google and that’s it. And that’s fine, because I never actually intended this to be some kind of destination. There’s no social networking here. This isn’t a high traffic blog. I don’t have a dedicated audience or even a well defined subject.

And that’s fine for me. I’ve said all along, that this site is for me. It really is more like a personal journal that I come back to read once in a while than anything else. And if people find useful or interesting things written in here, then that’s great too, but I’m not going to try to dedicate this site to an audience that doesn’t exist. What I got by doing that was a half-breed kind of site. Something that was pretending to be something it wasn’t.

And so I’ve reworked the site’s design. Yes, writing my own theme doesn’t solve much of the first problem of keeping code up to standard, but at least I’ve written it in a more recent standard. In a couple years I’ll probably be ready for a change again anyway. The goal is, and will be, to keep it simple. One of the best sites I’ve ever seen was also the simplest. I’m aspiring to that. The content is still all there, but I’m not trying to throw it at every body who browses by. You get what you ask for: the one page you ask for, and nothing else, unless you really poke around.

It’s much more personal this way.

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