Some notes on me right now: I just finished reading about 6 novels in less than a month. At least one had a lasting effect on me, as evidenced by the style of this post. 10 points if you get it. This same month has solidified my desire for a new career. I do not yet know if it will be a sharp and sudden change, or just a slow buildup to something different after I graduate from the current program. Or, after I complete my current job, depending on how you want to phrase these things. Unrelenting optimism can be quite tiring, especially as it steam-rolls over your concerns about how things are actually going. Insisting that everything is going fine, and even going better than ever before, when all evidence points to the opposite, is no way to get ahead. I don’t mean to be a pessimist, but let’s be honest about what we’re accomplishing here.

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