I’m on my third Motorola Milestone.

First one had to be sent in for repair because wifi didn’t work and it started spontaneously rebooting about once per hour, among other issues.

Motorola sent it back with software issues fixed but physically damaged, so I sent it back for the hardware to be fixed. I was warned that the type of damage it had was not covered under warranty, but since it the damaged was caused by Motorola themselves I sent it back anyway.

They returned it without anything fixed and without comment. They didn’t even offer to fix it for a price. I had several heated calls with both Motorola and Telus about it at this point, and eventually sent it back again. (Telus had also been charging me handset replacement fees for using a loaner phone while my regular one was away from repair, even though it was under warranty.)

Received a new phone back. Probably refurbished? Worked fine for about 24 hours, then spontaneously shut down and would get stuck on the Motorola logo while booting up for as long as it had power. Sent away for repair for a fourth time. This is now a several months from when I originally went in.

Received phone back. Worked again for about a day. Went to a movie and turned off the phone. It wouldn’t turn back on again, even when plugged in, and would not charge. Sent away for a fifth time.

They returned another new phone back. Again, probably refurbished. This one seems to be working ok, but in the last few weeks (after having it less than two months) it has spontaneously rebooted about half a dozen times. One or two of those times I was using it pretty heavily so, fine, things crash. But most of the time I wasn’t doing much at all, and it’s always been different apps.

So I know this phone is a piece of crap. But I wonder how much of it is because of Android itself being unreliable and how much of it is the fault of Motorola. Have other people had similar issues with Android in general?

Regardless, my experience with this phone has been bad enough that I am not going to buy a Motorola product again. I will stick with Android, though, because I prefer the open model and as slick as iOS seems, Apple refuses to make a version of iTunes for Linux, so I couldn’t use it if I wanted to. I’m thinking Samsung next time. Both for phone and tablet.

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