The walk to work from my new apartment is exactly, I found out to day, one episode of WireTap long. There’s something meditative about having Jonathan Goldstein’s voice in my ear as I walk through downtown Toronto. It’s been about a year since I listened to podcasts on my way to work, having been on my bike all summer and most of the winter. I only started again today since my rear axle snapped yesterday, leaving me to walk again.

At one point this thought came into my head, that listening to CBC radio makes me a better person. It was something about the way it keeps me thinking, considering the stories people are telling, relating things back to my own life. Shows like WireTap and Definitely Not the Opera always reflect on something in my life. Aspects I might miss if I just listened to music or traffic for that 25 minute walk.

Unfortunately at the end of it I’m stuck at my desk, staring at my computer, brain shut down because I don’t want to be doing the work I’ve come here to do. Let’s just listen to CBC all day.

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