I was defining colour mappings for my paper today. In looking up colour codes, I found that navy blue is typically defined to be 50% blue, a.k.a. (0,0,0.5) in rgb space.

So naturally I thought, what would the equivalent colour for red called?

It turns HTML defines it as “maroon”. I might have gone with Burgundy, but according to Wikipedia, that has just a touch of blue (about 12.5%). I think navy red is a better option.

What about green? It turns out that full 100% green is actually rather neon, and HTML calls is “lime”. A more natural kind of green is actually what I might now call navy green, and so doesn’t need the navy.

Now since the 16 standard colors in HTML are just the primary colours and their navy shades, plus some greyscales, let’s just finish this mother off.

Navy yellow is called “olive”.

Navy cyan is called “teal” (although cyan itself is called “aqua”).

Navy magenta is called “purple” (and magenta is called “fuchsia”).

This post brought to you by HTML colour names and old-school <font> and <b> tags.

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