Something about listening to “We Used to Wait” makes me want to blog.

I’m a doctor now, just for the record. Convocation is still pending but all the requirements of my degree have been met. It’s nice, in a way, though it’s still yet to be determined if it’ll actually get me anywhere. If nothing else, the one friend I have who insists on calling me doctor at every opportunity makes me smile.

I have very little desire to actually do anything now, though. It’s been about a month and I still happily spend my days watching TV, going for bike rides on nice afternoons, and going out to see friends a few times a week in the evenings. I do start to feel stir-crazy if I don’t go outside once a day, but beyond that I am as happy as anything just enjoying my time with nothing to do.

Ok well that’s not entirely true. There are things to do. I am aware that I do need to find a job eventually, and with that comes all sorts of possible things I could be doing to make myself more attractive to employers. Learn Hadoop or any number of other languages. Real Hull’s book on options pricing. Seek out more resources with job listings than just LinkedIn. Actually apply for something, if nothing else.

I’m two days away from finishing my goal to bike 1000km before the end of September. I made cookies yesterday. I’m going to cook a steak for myself for dinner for the first time in my life. I’m probably going to San Francisco in a couple days on a whim, just to use up some frequent flier points before they expire.

These are all good things but they aren’t a future yet…

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