Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Oh, Kurt Vonnegut. Why does everybody love you? I read Slaughterhouse Five because everybody was talking about it, and I’ve heard your name so many times I just had to get into the loop. I regreted it immediately. But yet, even after that terrible experience, I came across this book in the library catalogue that, even though I had never heard of, I just had to read. Why? It’s all in the subtitle – Pearls Before Swine.

I finished it last night and already I forget what happened.

In two words, “completely pointless”. I suppose one might enjoy it as a character driven novel, but I thought even that was lacking. I didn’t sympathise with the characters, I wasn’t intrigued by them, I saw no depth to them, I despised them, and there was nothing redeaming abou thtem. And although we were given the plot of the novel right at the beginning, we didn’t see it start to effect the narratice until about the last quarter of the book. I felt like I was waiting for a bus in a room next to a man who smelled like urine.

Vonnegut also has terrible style. In the case of this book, he uses asterisks to break up sections needlessly, making the whole thing disjointed. It’s just distracting after a while. So it goes.

I hope I can avoid Vonnegut again in the future.

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