Author: Mark Twain

Put simply, this book doesn’t deserve to be a classic. In the long version, here’s why.

The plot line in Huckleberry Finn is like a wave. There’s no accumulation of action, no continuing story. The book is like a season of the Littlest Hobo. Huck has little adventers on the shore with his buddies, then go off again down the river. For the most part, none of these adventures are related at all.

If you can get past that, (apparently some people think the lack of plot is a good thing), then you at least have to notice the bad writting. There were so many opportunities for great episodes that this could have been a really great book. But unfortunately, these were just passed by. There is absolutely no appeal to human emotion. There is nothing, even, to make me want to know what happens to the various characters. I had no attatchment to these morons. I wish that damn raft got hit with a steamboat.

It has been said that Mark Twain took several years to write this novel, struggling with it imensely, even leaving for a couple years. If he hated it so much, why would it be such an amazing piece of literature. If I didn’t have to read it for school, I would have dropped it after a few chapters. And I wouldn’t have missed a thing.

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