Author: Marry Higgins Clark

This is bubble-head summer fiction at its finest. That is to say, not a very good book. But then again, what do I really expect for something I got for free out of a cereal box, with the author’s name bigger than the title of the book? The so-called Queen of Suspense certainly did not deliver with this one.

It is difficult to articulate every point that annoyed me as I read through this. This murder myster had a very specific set of characters that might have been the killer. By one quarter of the way through the story, I found it very obvious that it was one of two of those characters. I realised at this point that one of two things could happen. Either it would be one of those characters and I would be very disappointed that it had been so obvious, or it would not be one of them and I would be disappointed in that the author had specifically made them obvious so we wouldn’t catch on to the real killer. Well, I won’t indicate what happens, but suffice to say that I was disappointed.

One thing this book did do was give me a craving for bacon and grilled cheese sandwiches. I think that might have been a clue, and I put a bookmark there so I could check on it later, but I think by that point I was just equally interested in getting something to eat than find out who the killer was.

And really, who says “quarter of seven”? What’s a quarter of seven? One forty five? I don’t know, but a quarter to seven makes much more sense. Maybe a quarter after seven. Who knows. Again, by this point in the novel, I was just more interested in seeing it over and done with than anything else. Three different characters using the same phrase multiple times in the span of a chapter or two was really just pulling teeth.

I’d recommend buying a different cereal if this is the prize you get at the end of it.

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