Author: Rand and Rose Flem-Ath

Everybody today has heard some variation on the legend of the lost city of Atlantis. In their stunning new book, Rand and Rose Flem-Ath have examined this common story and done some amazing research to not only prove that Atlantis did exist, but also where, when, and how.

The thesis is very simple – the lost continent of Atlantis is modern day Antarctica. Such an idea has been heard before, but it has not been explored to the depths that that Flem-Aths have taken it. Three main proofs are presented and each is highly convincing in itself.

The first is the theory of earth crust displacement, developed by Charles Hapgood independently of any sort of search for Atlantis. The use of this theory, one which was backed by Albert Einstein, provides much credibility to the book simply because it is an independent and reputable scientific theory. The focus of the study then moves into ancient mythology. The key point here is the similarities between radically different cultures. Dozens of examples are cited, including Aztec and Egyptian myths and even biblical references, referring to the sky falling in some fashion and a flood engulfing the earth. Finally, an examination of much more recent history, including the 1900s, reveals that knowledge about the Antarctic was mysteriously available before the continent was ever discovered.

The conclusions drawn are extremely difficult to dispute once all the evidence has been displayed. The Flem-Aths seem to have developed their theory very carefully through the book so that each baby step doesn’t seem incredibly significant. However, the baby steps quickly accumulate and one begins to see the entire picture. An adequate analogy to the methods used would be a math concept — prove the basics before moving on to complex formulas. That is what the Flem-Aths have done here and their purpose is accomplished marvelously.

Only one fault can be found with the book. In the writing, references to conclusions are sometimes made before the explanation. However, these instances are minor and do not affect the buildup to major conclusions and ideas.

The end result is highly persuasive. The book is a great examination of known facts, reputable theories, and in-depth research. I have been convinced that the Flem-Ath’s ideas are sound and deserving of further serious scientific studies. Every page in this excellent book reveals new evidence supporting an excellent theory. Anyone who has even heard the story of Atlantis should pick up this book and see the evidence for themselves.

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