Below is a list of Fraggle Rock episodes. I have about two-thirds of them on my computer in AVI format. If you have eMule you can click on these links to start downloading them to your own computer. I’m a big fan of Fraggle Music too, so I think maybe sometime I’ll start ripping songs from these episodes and maybe, just maybe, put a few of the best online. Or maybe I’ll go study for my exams. Whatever.

1-01 Beginnings

1-02 Wembley and the Gorgs

1-03 Let the Water Run

1-04 You Can’t Do That Without a Hat

1-05 The Thirty-Minute Work Week

1-06 The Preachification of Convincing John

1-07 I Want To Be You

1-08 The Terrible Tunnel

1-09 The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles

1-10 Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

1-11 Catch the Tail by the Tiger

1-12 The Finger of Light

1-13 We Love You, Wembley

1-14 The Challenge

1-15 I Don’t Care

1-16 Capture the Moon

1-17 Marooned

1-18 The Minstrels

1-19 The Great Radish Famine

1-20 The Garden Plot

1-21 Gobo’s Discovery

1-22 Mokey’s Funeral

1-23 The Beast of Bluerock

1-24 New Trash Heap in Town

2-01 Wembley’s Egg

2-02 Boober Rock

2-03 The Trash Heap Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

2-04 Red’s Sea Monster

2-05 Uncle Matt Comes Home

2-06 Boober’s Dream

2-07 Mokey and the Minstrels

2-08 All Work and All Play

2-09 Sir Hubris and the Gorgs

2-10 A Friend in Need

2-11 The Wizard of Fraggle Rock

2-12 Doozer Contest

2-13 Red’s Club

2-14 The Secret of Convincing John

2-15 Manny’s Land of Carpets

2-16 Junior Sells the Farm

2-17 Fraggle Wars

2-18 The Day the Music Died

2-19 Doomsday Soup

2-20 A Cave of One’s Own

2-21 Wembley and the Great Race

2-22 Doozer Is as Doozer Does

2-23 Boober’s Quiet Day

2-24 Invasion of the Toe Ticklers

3-01 The Bells of Fraggle Rock

3-02 Red-Handed and Invisible Thief

3-03 Boober and the Glob

3-04 The Grapes of Generosity

3-05 Blanket of Snow, Blanket of Woe

3-06 Pebble Pox Blues

3-07 Home Is Where the Trash Is

3-08 Believe It or Not

3-09 Wembley and the Mean Genie

3-10 The Secret Society of Poohbahs

3-11 The Beanbarrow, The Burden, and The Bright Bouquet

3-12 Gobo’s School for Explorers

3-13 Scared Silly

3-14 The Great Radish Caper

3-15 Born to Wander

3-16 The Battle of Leaking Roof

3-17 Playing Till It Hurts

3-18 Bored Stiff

3-19 The Cavern of Lost Dreams

3-20 The Incredible Shrinking Mokey

3-21 A Dark and Stormy Night

3-22 Gunge the Great and Glorious

4-01 Sprocket’s Big Adventure

4-02 Wembley’s Wonderful Whoopie Water

4-03 Sidebottom Blues

4-04 Uncle Matt’s Discovery

4-05 Junior Faces the Music

4-06 A Tune for Two

4-07 The Perfect Blue Rollie

4-08 A Brush With Jealousy

4-09 Wembley’s Flight

4-10 Red’s Blue Dragon

4-11 Wonder Mountain

4-12 Space Frog Follies

4-13 Boober Gorg

5-01 Mirror, Mirror

5-02 The Riddle of Rhyming Rock

5-03 The Voice Inside

5-04 The Trial of Cotterpin Doozer

5-05 The River of Life

5-06 Beyond the Pond

5-07 Gone But Not Forgotten

5-08 Mokey, Then and Now

5-09 Ring Around the Rock

5-10 Inspector Red

5-11 The Gorg Who Would Be King

5-12 The Honk of Honks

5-13 Change of Address

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