Let’s be completely honest here. These things are no good. Anybody who has ever seen them knows that they’re no good. Peter, especially, knows that they’re no good. But he’s to blame in part! (*shakes fist*) Anyway, these some artefacts of middle school, seven or eight years ago now. The italicised paragraphs are from my webpage back then. It pains me to read them, so don’t laugh.

Dark Labyrinth

Dark Labyrinth is the story of an ancient evil that has long since been forgotten. Thousands of years ago, it ravaged the land, ruining everything it could. Hundreds tried to capture, tame, or kill it, but none succeeded except for one determined mage. He bound together the forces of the four seasons along with four elemental powers which countered against the evils own forces. Together these forces built a prison for the evil and sealed it within. It is up to you to reunite the four Guardians along with their powers and finally kill the evil forever. The soundtrack is 100% original.

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Towers of Misfortune

Towers of Misfortune was the first game ever produced by NTex. The story centers around a small country kingdom which has been overrun with the immense evil of a corrupt wizard. The palace has been taken and transformed into a frightening tower straight from the minds of hell. You, a great warrior in the time, has been drafted by the villages of the kingdom to attack the tower and retake the palace so that peace may be destroyed. You must find this evil wizard and destroy him once and for all!

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Time Fillers

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, a little computer company released an anthology of small games called Time Fillers. Then the simple little game was discontinued in favour of a partnership with the old company CenTek on one of their projects similar to Time Fillers, Quickies!. Now both CenTek and Quickies! are gone, so Time Fillers has returned! Enter Time Fillers 2! This new anthology follows the setup for Quickies! 2, so some acknowledgment goes to CenTek for those ideas. We are quite happy now with how the program looks, and the mini games it contains.

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