National Flag The Kingdom of the Gorg’s Garden

“One never knows, do one”

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The government of The Gorgs Garden has enacted the following legislation, in chronological order.

  • Abolished elections
  • Banned Harry Potter
  • Appointed Catholic Archbishop as spiritual advisor
  • Banned euthanasia for all time
  • Refused to support animal rights activists
  • Banned public nudity
  • Allowed paying for organ donations
  • Began compulsory organ harvesting
  • Refused to give in to Basket Weavers on strike
  • Abolished minimum wage laws
  • Social inequality is the price we pay for economic greatness! Lower taxes!
  • Rejected calls for democracy with a few executions
  • Outlawed Gambling
  • Put radishes (our national animal) on the dinner table
  • Stamped out Nazi rally
  • Banned cars…. I might as well, since I\’ve banned everything else
  • Allowed cutting down the rain forest to get to all that wonderful uranium.
  • Increased tax burden for people of higher income.
  • Rejected demands to have a local dialect made an official language
  • Allowed animal experimentation
  • Created database of citzens, with ID cards and barcoing and everything
  • Banned outsourcing of jobs
  • Refused to legalize cannabilism
  • Refused to allow refugees into the country. Grasping freeloaders!
  • Shut down youth marial arts programs in favour of conscripting the kids into the army
  • Shut down a lab that was cloning human embryos and banned the practice.
  • Recognized the duel as a legitimate means to settling disputes
  • Animals are extinct because God wants them dead! No to cloning!
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