National Flag The Nomadic Peoples of the Spiral Cavern

“I resent the implication that I’ve gone mad”

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The government of The Spiral Cavern has enacted the following legislation, in chronological order.

  • Voluntary voting
  • No more bombs! Denied funding for military.
  • Allowed Nazi protest to continue in the name of free speech
  • Denied strike demands to raise wages 20%
  • Rejected death penalty
  • Legalized euthanasia
  • Screw the automotive industry!
  • Increased spending to Health and Social Welfare
  • Rejected Big Brother style surveillance
  • Legalized gambling
  • Protected Harry Potter from religious wackos
  • Banned meat eating
  • Rejected compulsory organ donations
  • Increased social spending in an effort to curb the crime rate.
  • Increased welfare spending to help with social inequalities
  • Increased taxes on wealthy
  • Repealed laws against public nudity
  • Refused to restrict marijuana use to private places
  • Voluntary voting in elections
  • Refused to allow duels as a legitimate way of settling disputes
  • Spent more money on improving rails and buses
  • Ignored talk of flying saucers
  • Dismissed issue on a protest calling to ban cars
  • Tried to call attention away from the sexual capades of a government advisor with a tax cut.
  • Restricted smoking in public places
  • Put limits on time speaking in debates
  • Allowed spam on the basis of freedom of speech
  • Refused to mine for uranium because of the risk to the forest
  • Started a national space program
  • Started six months paid maternity leave with the lost revenues made up by the government
  • Rejected idea to have school uniforms
  • Will allow BDSM couples to show their unique affections in public
  • Laws enacted to make the police keep their big noses out of where they’re not wanted
  • Said no to nobility, prizing equality instead.
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