From Kate & Leopold – This movie was released Christmas 2001. In it Charlie found a way back in time, and accidentally brought a nineteenth centure duke back with him. While trying to convince everybody that this man really is a nineteenth century duke, and that he discovered a “crack in time”, he ends up in a mental ward. This is what he says to one nurse.

Charlie: I know, I know. It sounds crazy, talking about finding a crack in Time on the East River… But in point of fact, Gretchen, you know, it is no more crazy than a… a dog finding a rainbow. Dogs are colour-blind Gretchen, they don’t seen colour. Just like we can’t see time. We can feel it, oh, we can feel it passing, but we can’t see it. It’s just a blur. It’s like we’re a … it’s like we’re riding in a supersonic train and the world’s just blowing by. But imagine if we could stop that train, Gretchen. Imagine if we could stop that train… get out… look around and see Time for what it really is – a universe, a world, a thing, as unimaginable as colour to a dog. And as real and tangible as that chair you’re sitting in. Now if we could see it like that, I mean really look at it, then, maybe, we could see the flaws as well as the form. And that’s it. It’s that simple that’s all I’ve discovered. I’m just a guy who saw a crack in a chair that no one else could see. I’m that dog who saw a rainbow. Only, uh, none of the other dogs believe me.

Gretchen: I believe you.

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