This is going to be the home of a project I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now. I’m going to put together some top-five lists of favourite movies, books, chocolate bars, that sort of thing. The goal is have some rules to regulate when things get switched in and out of the lists, so they don’t succumb to whims of the day. (You know, when you hear a new song and listen to it thirty times in two days, sure that it will be your new favourite, only to forget what it was a week later.)

The Rules

  • The top five list may be ordered or unordered, depending on how strongly I feel about them.
  • New candidates must be listed as such for at least 3 months before replacing an old item on the list.
  • Empty spots on the list can be filled immediately.
  • Lists can include honourable mentions, contenders for a placing, and former members.
  • I can make up the rules as I go along.

The Lists

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