This is the topic that inspired this whole section. That and High Fidelity. But anyway, when meeting someone new it’s very common for them to ask what kind of music I’m into, and I never know what to say. Part of that is just because I’m not the kind of guy who listens to the radio a lot, follows the charts, or seeks out new music. I usually don’t even download new albums of artists I know I like without being prompted by hearing one of the singles (which doesn’t happen very often).

I had the thought today that asking me what music I like is a lot like asking what I like in bed. That’s right. Music is like porn. All the mainstream stuff is probably a safe bet (that’s why it’s mainstream, after all) but then, as everybody as their kinks, everybody goes out in different directions. Some people will stick exclusively to heavy petting and the missionary position—the porn version of the top 40—but most I think will venture at least a little away from that, and we all come up with a slightly different picture of what we like. Then a lot of us have kinkier interests. Personally, to give one example, I have a penchant for Disney movie soundtracks (the sexual equivalent being, of course, furry porn… not that I’m into that sort of thing).

It actually turns out rather difficult to just sit down and write a list of your favourite songs. This is why my conversations with people on this topic go so awkwardly. In the meantime, I’ll just have occasional notes on songs of the moment, and eventually work them down into something more list-like.

So one song of the moment…

  • Do You Realize — The Flaming Lips (2009.02.26)

    I’m tempted, as I think I will be by all of these songs, to just write down the lyrics and let them speak for themselves. There’s not much to this one, really just one verse, but it’s a good one and has astronomical references.

    Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face?
    Do you realize that we’re floating in space?
    Do you realize that happiness makes you cry?
    Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die?
    Ad instead of saying all your goodbyes
    Let them know you realize that life goes fast
    It’s hard to make the good things last
    You realize the sun don’t go down
    It’s just an illusion cause by the world spinning round

    It also has a nice bell part, and who doesn’t love bells?

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