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Where’s all your content?

I toned the site down a lot, and a lot of things went into hiding. If you really want to look around, there’s a sitemap here. That map doesn’t include blog posts, which are archived here and you can search the site here, but that’s all I’m giving you.

Why the name

Booberfish is the name of my very first pet all my own. The name Booberfish was derived from a combination of his species – Betta fish – and a character from a favourite children’s television show – Boober Fraggle. He was short lived (something which I blame his aquarium mates Pablo and Fiesta for) but now his memory lives on. The story is here. The other option was “Uncle Greg’s Old Tyme Jug Band Fun Time Hour”, which is a good title but a bit too long for the menu bar at the top. The acronym, UGOTJBFTH, didn’t have much of a ring to it either, so this great idea was banished to the ranks of subtitle. (Thanks anyway, Meghan.)

What were the photos in the header background? (Refers to old site design)

Each section has a different photo, which I originally thought would somehow represent what that section was about, but has more than less just come to be a picture of something pretty of the appropriate colour. In the main section (where this page is), it’s my abacus, which is just one of the many dorky toys I have lying around, because this website is itself one of my dorky toys. The compendium has some autumn leaves taken in one of the seven hells of Oita-ken in Japan. Don’t worry, there’s no real significance to that one. The galleries‘ header also comes from Japan, this time the garden of an old shogun’s estate on Kyushu. Finally, the blog‘s photo is of New River Beach in New Brunswick. It reminds me of that scene in the movie GO, where the father says “Hiroi seikai o miro” (look at the wide world) while sitting with his son on the beach. That’s kind of what the blog is for, so I thought it vaguely appropriate. All four photos were taken by me.

How old is this website, really?

The name only dates back to Summer 2006, but this website existed in some form well before then (e.g., The Nebula, Crap-house, etc). The age printed at the bottom of every page as part of the site’s statistics is based on the oldest content that still survives on the site, which goes back to the late 1990s, when I first started playing around at making a personal website. It is that original site which slowly grew into Booberfish. A lot of it is junk, but what can I say, I hate to throw anything out.

What is “The Nebula”?
That’s the old name for this same website. I knew I was making a webpage that would be a big mess of all the other half-baked webpages I had (a mess of crap, if you will) and also that I like astronomy. So what name would bring together the reality of a big mess of crap and the field of astronomy? A nebula! And yes, I already know that I’m a dork.

What was Greg-In-Japan?

Essentially this website, but with only the photo galleries. It merged with Crap-house to create The Nebula.

What was Crap-house?

Essentially this website, except smaller, uglier, and without any photo galleries. It merged with Greg-In-Japan to create The Nebula.

What was NTex?

Ah those middle school days… it is, I assure you, quite dead. In fact it didn’t really have much life to begin with. It was more of a protobacterial mold than anything else. Actually, that’s not entirely true. It did win an award for site design in about 1999. If you want to see what remains, look at the games available for download. Those sad, sad games. It’s no wonder this site turned into “Crap-house” a couple years later.

What was Gp2000?

Even lower on the evolutionary ladder than NTex. I mean, it was hosted by Geocities, complete with the URL that mimicked physical neighbourhoods with a 4-digit street address. Circa 1998.

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