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Just uploaded some pics from the snowstorm in Montreal. I uploaded a whole bunch of new photos earlier this month, going back as far as 1996. The location indices are currently not up to date, but the everything else is. New galleries, which are all shown below, will also appear red on other pages just so you notice them. Enjoy!

I also put up a new thing where you can add your comments to each gallery. So give that a shot and see what other people think as well. It's at the bottom of every page.

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Date Pics Description
2007.08.112A visit to the Atlantic Trap and Gill
2007.08.059My big gay day at Vancouver's pride parade
2007.07.297Learn to Row Regatta at the Vancouver Rowing Club
2007.07.255Vancouver's international fireworks festival
2007.06.028University of British Columbia campus
2007.05.3110Barbeque at Spanish Banks
2007.05.276Sunset on Wreck Beach
2007.04.2013A last dinner with Team 217 and friends
2007.03.023Pancake Day