The major updates that I’ve made to the website are summarized below. These are mostly major structural changes, not little tweaks or updates to my blog.

Cleaning up files, deleting things, moving other things, getting ready to change things up around here. This site is pretending to be a lot more than it really is. It’s time to minimize.

I finally put up some new forum software to replace what I had before. You can find it at the same location, the Booberfish Omnibus. As I said in the inaugural post, I’m sure nobody missed the forum while it was down, but I’m not one to throw anything out so I at least wanted to put up something so I could have some hope of salvaging all the old forum posts. They were saved in a stupid text format, so now I need to figure out how to best convert that to something in the wordpress database… don’t be surprised if it’s another two years before that happens!

Canada Reads is getting closer and closer… still writing reviews for it.

Finally started getting to writing my reviews of the five Canada Reads books. So far only three are actually read, but the big debates are only a month away, so I need to get on that.

Still running high on my newfound ability to write WordPress plugins, I converted all my book reviews into WP pages and wrote an interface to make more. The new pages can be found here, although they look almost the same as the old ones to the reader. One thing I particularly like is how I can either create a new page under the book review category or link directly to another arbitrary page, like a blog post, which prevents duplicate content. And with a few tweaks, this same plugin can be used to deal with the movie reviews as well. Nice.

I looked at a lot of WordPress plugins to display a navigation menu for the static pages, so that I could create new pages and not worry about whether or not I had linked to them anywhere. I wanted to just trust that a link would show up somewhere, even if I didn’t announce the new page anywhere. None of the plugins out there printed a decent menu though. They printed too many pages or not enough, etc. In the end I wrote a plugin from scratch to do it for me. It’s not something I’d share as it has a lot of hard coded details applicable only to Booberfish, and it’s incomplete since not all my static pages are under WP control, but I’m pretty happy with it.

I finally got around to restructuring the site so that WordPress is positioned to become the main CMS. Right now it’s a creepy hybrid between WP and my own system, glued together by clunky RewriteRules. I’ve also made statistics and an image blog available.

I finally got around to uploading some new photo galleries. They cover basically the first eight months of 2007. So yes, I’m still a little behind, but I’m doing better.

Somebody wrote an article about why a blog should make their own facebook page. Something to do with it being like free advertising. So anyway, now Booberfish has a facebook page.

The 10 most recent comments are no displayed near the top of the sidebar in the blog. That’s big enough to call an update to the website, right? Even if all I had to do was upload the WordPress plugin and change one line of code? I wanted it since sometimes old conversations get new input, and people aren’t bound to notice it if I don’t shove it in their faces.

New layout. The center floating tabbed style thing I had going on is gone now in favour of full width graphic header and less intrusive ad space. I think it looks more professional. Some of the element sizes still need to be adjusted (I think it’s a bit wide for 800×600 screens), the header needs to be cleaned up, and some layouts will have to change, but for now I think it’s pretty good. Although, I haven’t tested it at all with Internet Explorer, so who knows what the hell those people are going to see!

The blog, which has very little need to use registration, now uses OpenID exclusively. Basically, it just works better for me than the default wordpress user system, especially with being able to host my own personal ID server. Read this for more details.

The commenting engine I wrote a while back was prone to spambots, and wasn’t really used often enough to warrant my fighting with the bots all the time. But I still liked the idea, so now I’ve incorporated the page commenting system into the forum.

I uploaded some new galleries today, finally, going back as far as April. I didn’t get around to putting any captions on because I haven’t bothered to look for a program to do it for me yet, but I’m sure you can all make up backstories for all the pictures yourself.

Uploaded a book review of The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket by Edgar Allan Poe.

Just so I can update the website without actually updating the website, I’ve invented the miniblog. If you know what is meant when someone says ‘my MSN name’, you already know what the miniblog is. It’s for the occasional thought that doesn’t warrant a full fledged blog post. It might often duplicate the content of this updates page, but where this page is exclusive to site updates, the miniblog is inclusive to whatever I feel like at the time.

I decided that the name The Nebula was pretty uninspiring, so I decided to change it to something more unique and memorable. That is, something unique and memorable to me. Why Booberfish? See the FAQ.

My blog as officially been switched to WordPress. On the PHP high that caused, I’m redoing some of the gallery indices so that the location index in particular is more dynamic. I still need to work on it though, as clearly “Toronto Regina Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump Quapelle” is not the name of one city.

Clawz is having a spazz attack, meaning I can’t upload more than one file without having the FTP connection dropped. Until it’s fixed, I can’t publish new blog posts, since Blogger needs to upload multiple files to do that. I’ve been thinking of switching to WordPress just so that I won’t have to rely on anybody (in theory, not even the WordPress people), but I can’t upload that either until the FTP thing is fixed. Grrrr!

Uploaded some new book reviews from my readings over the last couple months.

Added some buttons to the blog so that people can add my feed to various aggregators, and also started syndicating my blog on LiveJournal and Xanga.

Uploaded two new galleries of two recent parties… the phonathon party and Audrey’s birthday.

Just uploaded another new gallery.

Uploaded a new photo gallery from St Patrick’s Day.

Ah, those dumbass Young Iranians, and then some Spanish jerks, kept hacking my message board. But I think I fixed the problem. Seriously, nobody cares.

My nice stripey background, which was the very first thing I ever made for this current design almost two years ago, are no more. It’s all because MSIE doesn’t support PNG transparencies. Jerks. But my menu looks nicer now :)

Uploaded an essay on moral issues in Robert J Sawyer’s books. I wrote it back in 2002, so don’t really expect too much. But it’s interesting. Because Robert J Sawyer is interesting.

Updated the way I update the update page. Nobody cares, I’m sure.

I’ve written a few php scripts to help me streamline the process of creating new movie and book reviews. So I’m much more likely to write new ones.

Ah, that’s much better. Like a breath of fresh air.

You can now leave you comments on every page on this website.

I have an exam tomorrow and another the day after that, which means I’m being very productive in updating my web site! I’ve uploaded something like 600 new photos to my galleries. And I’ve made it much easier for me to upload new galleries via a combo of PHP and my COMP 202 course. Yes, that’s right, a university course has actually proved useful in the… well… I was going to say “real world”, but this clearly isn’t that… well, it proved itself useful anyway.

Nothing major, just added some links to other blogs I read on the sidebar of my blog. I also swear I’m going to upload more photos. Within three weeks. Seriously. Also put up my procrastination inspired artistic creations.

All my blog entries from Japan are now up… just look in the archives between August 2002 to June 2003. Keep in mind though that they appear in reverse chronological order… so you have to click on August, and read from the bottom of the page to the top. And so on.

I’m starting to add old blog entries from previous blog incarnations of mine, such as Crap-House and my Hobbit’s Journal. Yes, as Robert J Sawyer says in his blog, “I’ve had a blog since long before it was fashionable!”

In a massive fit of procrastination from studying for my differential equations final exam, I completely reformatted and uploaded the best paper I ever wrote – The Songs and Language of Tolkien.

I finally got around to fixing the blue section of the site. It’s only one page full of links, but at least its better than the mish mash of junk that was there previously. I also made a page about my NationStates country, The Holy Empire of Blunderbrain.

Added search capabilities to the site. After all, I’m supposed to be studying for my Linear Algebra final. Wooot.

I finally did it. In a huge fit of boredom I made a few new indices and fixed up the structure of all the files in the galleries. Not very interesting to be sure, but I still did it.

I’ve been playing with my blog again… This time I figured out how to pull off the latest entry from the atom.xml feed that provides and post it on the index page. Not only that, but I even figured out how to limit the output to about a paragraph so things didn’t get cluttered up. I’m very happy with it. I also put up little sampler boxes for each colour section.

Uploaded the old frontpage tutorial that I made as an assignment in my CISCO classes.

At long last I’ve uploaded all those amazing games that I had made back in middle school and put on my NTex webpage. Don’t laugh, I already know that they’re crap.

A brand spanking new message board has been uploaded! I’m so happy (^_^). Now why aren’t I studying?

Uploaded two new galleries.

Just made a few changes to the random pic thing on the front page. Nothing major. PS. It’s my mom’s birthday :)

Posted a list of Fraggle Rock Episodes. I’m sure you’re all ecstatic.

It’s a new year! Woot! I’ve started playing around with my new blog setup and I think it’s going to go pretty well. Woot!

Finally upload a pile of photos old and new, from a few months ago to about five minutes ago. Check it out here.

Okay, so I haven’t done anything on this page in almost two months. Finally I did. Nothing special. Just added some space at the tops of the html pages to avoid that crappy banner from covering up my menu. My beautiful menu! Bahgeeea!

A bunch of old reviews of books have been uploaded. Most of them come from old school assignments. Oh well. Content is content.

New quote uploaded. The best quote ever, in fact.

Just to let you know, the site has been offline the past week due to my providers beefing up security and weeding out duplicated (and some apparently illegal) accounts on their free server. All should be good from now on in.

After long last, extensive updates have been made to the red section of the website. What did I call it again? “Random Junk”? Well anyway, go check it out here. Most of it so far is just old content from Crap-House.come, but I expect to continue some of the traditions I started there. Enjoy!

Most of the links are up now. I uploaded the generic outline to the pages which’ll have my personal links, but for now I haven’t actually entered any of those into the layout, so it’s just a bunch of empty tables and broken links. Oh well. That’ll come up next time I get bored. And by the way, the php steamlining I wanted to do exploded a little bit, although I never figured out why. I’m just going to stick with old-fashioned HTML and text replacement software for now.

I’ve put up the new blog code and so postings on that will come along pretty quick. It’s got more features than, which I’ve used in the past. Sure, I’ve got to start all over, but I think it’s worth it. I’ve also been picking up a bit of the PHP code myself and may start using it to make overall maintenance easier, like bring all my heading code together under one file. Oh sweetness. Sure, the links may not be as responsive to what page you’re actually on, but I’m sure that’s something that could be fixed with a little more PHP… small steps, Ellie, small steps.

Move the webpage to and instituted a new forum, using PHP code under my own control. I tried doing something with the Contact page as well, because Clawz doesn’t have the same kind of auto-form thing. But alas, my PHP skills are not quite as good as they need to be, I guess. If anybody wants to troubleshoot it for me that’d be great!

Photo albums from Greg-In-Japan are now available under Galleries.

My webcam page is up and running… sort of… I say sort of because… well go see for yourself.

The new layout has been uploaded and everything seems to be running well. Tables and Windows Paint can do anything! Unfortunately there is no content on anything yet… oh well. “Uncle Greg’s Old Tyme Jug Band Fun Time Hour” was suggested as a name to replace Jimmy Neutron. I’m considering it.

Temporary space holder now up. The current name, Johnny Nebula, will probably change based on the fact that I hadn’t realized how similar it was to Jimmy Neutron, which I have not even seen. Blast.

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