Date Pics Description
2007.08.112A visit to the Atlantic Trap and Gill
2007.08.059My big gay day at Vancouver's pride parade
2007.07.297Learn to Row Regatta at the Vancouver Rowing Club
2007.07.255Vancouver's international fireworks festival
2007.06.028University of British Columbia campus
2007.05.3110Barbeque at Spanish Banks
2007.05.276Sunset on Wreck Beach
2007.04.2013A last dinner with Team 217 and friends
2007.03.023Pancake Day
2006.10.20-2416Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference 2006 in Fredericton
2006.10.0720Walking around Mont Royal
2006.09.115Sabrina's suprise birthday party
2006.09.033Aerial views of the Kennebecasis Valley and Saint John
2006.06.2412My sister's graduation
2006.05.0610Around with house with my dog, Gus
2006.04.2911A day at Atwater Market with David
2006-04-259Procrastinating with David in the library
2006.04.1422Audrey's big birthday surprise
2006.04.065McGill Student Phonathon staff party at Bar des Pins
2006.03.3116A perfect pizza picnic playtime in paradise
2006.03.1712Fun on Saint Patrick's Day
2005.12.315New years party at Meghan's friend's house
2005.12.1610The big snowstorm in Montreal
2005.11.048My new apartment in the ghetto
2005.10.284Halloween party at Adam's
2005.07.2726Saint John Dragonboat Festival
2005.07.1613New River Beach sand sculptures
2005.07.013Canada Day in Market Square
2005.06.1115Barbeque on Meenan's Cove Beach
2005.01.3016MANABA Ski Trip
2004.12.248Christmas home in New Brunswick
2004.097"My new place in Verdun, Montreal"
2004.08.21-2518Going through Quebec City and Ottawa on the way to Montreal
2004.08.15-1613Camping in Saint Andrews with Yasaka
2004.05.018Cruising the Old Port of Montreal before summer
2004.03.066Checking out the Biodome
2004.02.2210Teaching folks to play Mah Jongg
2004.01.1710McGill rez ski trip
2003.1210Winter in Montreal and Christmas at home
2003.11.285Celebrating American Thanksgiving for Chiaman
2003.10.317Halloween at Solin Hall
2003.09.2712Visiting the Botanical Gardens in Montreal
2003.097Pictures of McGill University campus and rez
2003.08.047Leaving Japan once and for all
2003.08.0211My last day out with friends at Kawahara Beach
2003.07.286The opening ceremonies of the All Japan Sports Meet
2003.07.19-207Saying goodbye to Janelle
2003.07.12-1313Weekend at a log cabin with Janelle's family
2003.07.078Nishiyama-sensei's summer concert
2003.07.0210Playing around in Sasebo
2003.06.07-0821Trip to Goto Island
2003.05.254Playing around in Nagasaki
2003.05.12-16124"Tour around Tokyo, Kyoto, and more (four galleries)"
2003.05.051Boys' Day
2003.04.262Somebody's birthday dinner
2003.04.001Kaisei Koukou K Gumi (My class)
2003.03.3011Nishiyama-sensei's spring concert
2003.03.254Rotary hanami
2003.03.22-239Unzen with the Yoshida's
2003.03.031Girls' Day
2003.0311Sakura (Cherry Trees) in bloom
2003.02.098Huis Ten Bosh with Janelle
2003.02.0230Performing Jaodori at the Lantern Festival
2003.02.01-1521China Town's annual Lantern Festival
2003.02.003Life with the Irie family
2003.01.236Pottery with my mom and grandmother
2003.01.124Making Gyouza with the family
2003.01.0825Playing around in Epi-Ciel
2003.01.0813Suus having fun in a Sasebo arcade
2003.01.017New Years Day with the Yoshida family
2002.12.2614Spending Boxing Day in Sasebo
2002.12.234The christmas party my family threw
2002.12.1821The Kumazawa Bounenkai (New Year's Party)
2002.12.1425Anita's Christmas Party in Nagasaki
2002.12.09-1318School trip to Hokkaido Island
2002.12.086Traditional Japanese house
200212029Christmas Orientation
2002.1215Life with the Yoshida family
2002.11.24-27180Rotary tour around Kyushu (eight galleries)
2002.11.101Taishi's F-ing picture
2002.11.109The Kumazawas
2002.11.093Bura Bura Festival
2002.11.0412Saga Ballon Fiesta
2002.10.27-281Jaodori trip to Oita-ken
2002.10.1416Bio Park with my host mom
2002.10.0815The Okunchi Festival
2002.10.07-0812Jose's pictures from Okunchi
2002.10.079Chinese shrine
2002.10.078Peace Park (Atomic Bomb memorial)
2002.10.07-0914Misc pics from Okunchi
2002.107General pics of Nagasaki
2002.106Miscellaneous photos
2002.1010My cellphone
2002.09.2314Karaoke in Sasebo
2002.09.2215Second orientation in Saga
2002.09.073Party for Judith MacDonald
2002.091A selection of purikura
2002.08.313Nishikou Culture Festival
2002.08.2730The Suzanne Collection
2002.08.25-2815First orientation in Imari
2002.08.179My going away party
2002.0825Life with the Kumazawas
2002.07.046My 18th birthday party
2002.06.2913Gathering at Joel's beach
2002.06.2412Around the House in Rothesay
2002.06.22-2310Lisa's grad party
2002.06.209RHS Prom
2002.05.22-236Rotary orientation for outbounds
2001.1110Fredericton High trip to Montreal
2001.032Random yearbook memories
2000.12.11-1917New York City
2000.10.15-2126Encounters with Canada / Terry Fox
2000.09.054Back to school
2000.08.11-2013UNB Music Camp
2000.06.201The RHS Student Council
2000.066Around the school
2000.065Junior Men in PEI
2000.065Michelle's Birthday Party
2000.0414Band and Choir trip to Halifax
2000.0342Cruising on the Carnival Paradise
1999.118Miscellanous photos from RHS
1999.10.3113Halloween at RHS
1999.08.13-2229UNB Music Camp
1998.08.14-2325UNB Music Camp
1998.08.075Guster buster boo at 17 weeks
1998.077Middle School Institute in technology and history
1998.0624Calagary International Boys Choir Festival
1998.0318School trip to PEI
1997.05.12-1612Canada Wide Science Fair
1996.0618Camping with Mrs Miller's Grade 6 class